AC8LJ's keys.


Alberto Frattini, I1QOD Dyna Maniflex Sideswiper.

AC8LJ's Chrome Maniflex, by I1QOD, click to enlarge picture. Alberto's Dyna Maniflex is a beautiful piece of art and an absolute joy to use! My favorite sideswiper ever, to be sure. [AC8LJ].

GHD GF-501A Key.

AC8LJ's GHD GF-501A key, click to enlarge picture. This latest GHD "Speed Key" replaced earlier GHD models like the GF601 (pictured below). The action is smooth and easy, and I especially like the large finger pieces. [AC8LJ].

GHD GF-601MP Key.

AC8LJ's GHD GF-601MP key, click to enlarge picture. The GHD GF601MP is a fine key, and the hacksaw blade is a nice touch! [AC8LJ].