Tom Withers, G3HGE, Silent Key.

It is with great sadness that we announce that:
Our good friend Tom Withers G3HGE has become a Silent Key.

Obituary notice by Rich, G4FAD:
Tom Withers G3HGE has passed on, he passed away on Tuesday 5th November after a short illness. He was a great CW operator and maker of Morse keys.
Tom was the inventor of the Twanger Side Swiper key. I was chatting one night on 80 Metres and we got talking about keys. I said to Tom what we really need is a good Sideswiper key. About a week later he sent me an email to say he had made one would I test it for him. I replied no but if you send it to Sandy G0VQW he will do a video on it and I will buy your first key. So Sandy has #000 and I have #001.
Another good CW operator gone, may he rest in peace.

Tom will be greatly missed.
Our deepest sympathy to Tom Withers' family and friends.



PA3CLQ's Bunnell Double Speed Key on wooden base, click to enlarge picture. A group of Radio Amateurs using Morse code have established several informal radio nets to promote the use of the sideswiper, so called "cootie" key. These devices have a single horizontal lever with contacts on either side. The operator forms dots and dashes by pushing the lever to either side. Code from the sideswipers can vary from 5 to 30 words per minute and are much less tiresome to use as compared to vertical lever hand telegraph keys. Listen to the mentioned nets and you will find a nice sounding Morse code. All sideswiper users are warmly invited to take part in our nets. At other times, sideswiper aficionados can be found on the recommended calling frequencies.


Calling frequencies:
80 3566
40 7033
30 10121.5
20, 15, 10 xx055
17 18088
Intercontinental Sunday 1500, 1600 UTC 14055 or 21055 AA7FV, CN8YR
USA 40 m Thursday US ST period (1): 8 PM / Fri, 0100 UTC 7044 AA7FV, KA5TJS
US DST period (2): 8 PM / Fri, 0000 UTC
USA 30 m Thursday US DST period (2): 8:30 PM / Fri, 0030 UTC 10121.5 AA7FV, KA5TJS
USA 80 m Thursday US ST period (1): 8:30 PM / Fri, 0130 UTC 3568 AA7FV, KA5TJS
EU 80 m Sunday EU ST period (3): 2000 UTC 3566 PA3BYW
EU DST period (4): 1900 UTC
Region 3 20 m Sunday 0900 UTC 14055 JL1MUT, VK7CW
Region 3 30 m 0930 UTC 10121.5



QRG = frequency (kHz).
NCS = Net Controlling Station.
Region 3 = Asia - Pacific region.
(1) = US Standard Time (NOV-MAR).
(2) = US Daylight Saving Time (MAR-NOV).
(3) = EU Standard Time (OCT-MAR).
(4) = EU Daylight Saving Time (MAR-OCT).


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