DL7ACH's keys.

The Firewood Sideswiper.

DL7ACH's Homebrew Firewood Sideswiper, click to enlarge picture. Looking at some of the finest keys commercially available today, I thought, maybe it's time to do something weird? So the idea for the single contact sideswiper was born.
The side movements are folded over the V-profile on the back of the paddle, so that only one contact and one spring are needed. The use of a magnet results in the inverse spring characteristic, which is reproduced on both sides of the centre position of the paddle. Five MR 104 ZZ ball bearings ensure play-free and friction-free running. The extended base plate reliably prevents the key from moving on the table despite its low weight. I also found the wood easier to work with than brass or aluminium.
The key feels good, but sometimes my hand is a little irritated when keying. [DL7ACH].