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FM-32 #015 (PA3CVV), click to enlarge picture. The FM-32, often referred to as the "Jablonski" sideswiper, is a telegraph key that has been manufactured by FME in Berlin - German Democratic Republic (probably in the 1950's). Hundreds of these keys have been used for the education and training of radio officers at the Rügen Radio coastal station. The key can be used either as a sideswiper or as a paddle hooked up to an electronic keyer.
The primary purpose of this census is to evaluate the number of keys produced, to find out how many of them are still around and where in the world they ended up. The serial number printed on the label or engraved on the steel base of each key is a helpful clue to carry out this survey.
The secondary purpose is to learn more about the community of FM-32 users or collectors from all over the world. It would be especially interesting to know if some operators are still using this key on the air as a sideswiper.
The current status of the census is shown in the table below. If you have an FM-32 key, we'd like to hear from you. Please, fill in the form at the bottom of this page, we'll get back to you shortly, thanks.

Table: 24 Entries From #015 To #249.

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Picture: S/N: Owner: Usage: Comments:
FM-32 #000 (DL1DXL). [000] Lothar - DL1DXL Paddle + keyer Sep-19-2016: This keyer I got in 1968 from Bernd, ex DM4ZJJ, as a present. I have been using it very often for many years.
- 000 Erich - DL2RST Sideswiper Sep-21-2022
FM-32 #000 (DL4CF). [000] Joe - DL4CF Sideswiper Jan-07-2015: There isn't any serial number on it.
FM-32 #000 (DL8VM). 000 Peter - DL8VM Sideswiper Aug-27-2017: No serial number.
- 000 Lothar - SWL Paddle Apr-26-2018
FM-32 #015 (PA3CVV). 015 Miles - PA3CVV Sideswiper May-02-2011: Acquired from a collector in April 2011. After some careful cleaning I use this fine cootie regularly and with much pleasure.
FM-32 #029 (SM5LNE). 029 Jan - SM5LNE Collectible item Apr-09-2011: Bought it from a seller in Germany in March 2011. The label on the underside says:
Type : FME-32, Year : 1958, Nr : 029.
View with cover closed.
- 055 Klaus - DL5BRE Collectible item Dec-19-2013: Danke, alles sehr schön. ich hab eine Bahntaste, Siemens 1871, eine russische Übungstaste, mit einer sehr frühen gedruckten Schaltung und eine Twinky, vom Herrn Wenk = vy 73 Klaus +
FM-32 #064 (EA7HAA). 064 José - EA7HAA Sideswiper Nov-19-2013: Excellent sideswiper. Easy to adjust, precise and lovely clicks when using. Engraved on steel base S/N 64. It was got in ebay.
FM-32 #082 (K8MFO). 082 Don - K8MFO Sideswiper Jan-22-2011: I think its a very durable key and an excellent sideswiper. Bought it from a guy in the S E USA, who advertised it as a German bug!
FM-32 #089 (LA9IO). 089 Birger - LA9IO Sideswiper Nov-27-2011: Acquired from collector in 2003.
Yellow label: "Ingenieurhochschule f. Seefahrt, Warnemunde/Wustrow. Eigentum des Volkes, nr. ???"
Engraved on steel base s/n 089.
- 097 Emil - WD4SCZ Sideswiper Aug-01-2011: Identified as "property of the People" with a sticker that reads:
Ingenieurhochschule f. Seefarht Warnemünde/Wurstow, Elgentum des Volkes, Inv-Nr 4181.
FM-32 #116 (DJ6UX). 116 Eddi - DJ6UX Sideswiper Jan-23-2011: My favourite sideswiper. Stiff lever, precise and sharp defined action.
FM-32 #125 (DL1DSN). 125 Mark - DL1DSN Collectible item Apr-17-2014: Acquired in February 2014, after I got a FME-33 as a present from DM5DL. Now I'm proud to have both keys from Jablonski. The FME-33 is in use currently, but not the FME-32.
FM-32 #158 (K4KEY). 158 Doug - K4KEY Collectible item Jan-30-2011: Bought on Ebay. Haven't used it. Currently on display in my collection.
FM-32 #162 (DL3HRT). 162 Karsten - DL3HRT Sideswiper Jan-30-2011: Use it sometimes on the bands. Has label of "Ingenieurhochschule für Seefahrt - Warnemünde/Wustrow" with registration number 4325.
DL3HRT's Web Site.
- 179 Horst - DL4NH Sideswiper Feb-01-2011: Piece of collection.
FM-32 #186 (W4HEX). 186 Will - W4HEX Sideswiper Apr-16-2011: The Jablonski plays well but needs a little more work; mostly cosmetic. Several minor parts have been replaced.
FM-32 #208 (OH6NT). 208 Thomas - OH6NT Sideswiper (Ex owner: Peter - DK7JC: Feb-11-2011)
Procured this cootie from Peter DK7JC 2019.
OH6NT Cootie collection.
FM-32 #209 (DK7OG). 209 Andy - DK7OG Sideswiper Nov-17-2015: Acquired from a collector in November 2015
"Ingenieurschule für Seefahrt, Warnemünde/Wustrow"
FM-32 #236 (DK5KE). 236 Ludwig - DK5KE Collectible item Jan-31-2011: Sideswiper:
DK5KE's Web Site.
FM-32 #244 (VK2IXV). 244 Herman - VK2IXV Collectible item Jan-29-2011: One of the nice keys in my collection.
FM-32 #246 (F5LAW). 246 Yann - F5LAW Sideswiper Jan-22-2011: A robust key, "Ingenieurhochschule für Seefahrt..." label, easy to adjust, excellent action, used on a regular basis.
FM-32 #249 (DK7JC). 249 Peter - DK7JC Collectible item Feb-11-2011:
DK7JC's Web Site.


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