NI8N's keys.


Homebrew Cootie #1.

NI8N's homebrew cootie 1,, click to enlarge picture. The Cootie No. 1 is brass angles on top of a steel base. The base dimensions are:
10cm x 15cm x 19mm thick.
The angles are 31mm x 18mm x 3mm.
The brass strip I used for the arm is 1mm thick.
I built this in December 2011.
I had to learn the sideswiper action with my left hand. After 60 years of bugs and iambic paddles, my right hand refused to learn the different movements. [NI8N].

Homebrew Cootie #2.

NI8N's homebrew cootie 2,, click to enlarge picture. This is a picture of Cootie No. 2 which is not completed. It is steel with a base of 7.5cm x 12.6cm x 6mm thick. This plate is used for testing the location of posts, springs, contacts, etc. I am going to rebuild it on a 18mm thick plate, and either chrome plate it or paint it.
Thanks to Ron, KA8LMZ, who built the posts, the arm, and came up with the idea for the shoulder bolt pivot.
Thanks to Mike, N8IUP, who provided use of his drill press and had many machining ideas. [NI8N].

Homebrew Cootie #3.

NI8N's homebrew cootie 3,, click to enlarge picture. This key is a refinement of my No. 2 Cootie. I moved the upper works of my No. 2 Cootie to a 3" (76mm) x 5" (127mm) x 11/16" (17mm) steel base and chromed it. The posts are 1/4" square (6.3mm) key stock and the arm is 12mm x 2.3mm. The action is very good, but I find a "bounce" if I tighten the springs too much. I am thinking of replacing the springs with magnets to see if that corrects the "bounce" problem. [NI8N].