IS0AFM's keys.


IK1OJM Side Swiper.

IS0AFM's IK1OJM side swiper, left view, click to enlarge picture. IS0AFM's IK1OJM side swiper, call sign engraved on left contact post, click to enlarge picture. IS0AFM's IK1OJM side swiper, left side of base, click to enlarge picture.

This is my first side swiper, built for me by Sal, IK1OJM. Aesthetically it is very polished and well cared for in every detail. The main frame long enough and hard permits excellent control of manipulation by a large wooden knob situated on the end of the arm. Contacts embedded within the main frame offer a 'good cleaning and precision due to the withholding of the two magnets that operate the intensity of the pressed. Engraved in one of the two columns of contacts, and on the main frame, take place my callsign. Still seems an excellent compromise between great look and easier manipulation. [IS0AFM].


TWanger Side Swiper by TW Radio.

IS0AFM's TWanger sideswiper, left view, click to enlarge picture. IS0AFM's TWanger sideswiper, front view, click to enlarge picture.

This is one of the finest examples that Tom produces. When I contacted Tom, I was already sure about the outcome of his key. In no time the cootie was dispatched by Tom and then after few couples of days,my TWanger # 043 arrived and immediately took his place on my shack. There are not words to describe the simplicity and accuracy when manage this jewel. Small size but excellent performance.
The central magnets that regulate the intensity of the arm excursion , are easily adjustable, as well as the distance of the contacts and the inclination of the 2 small paddles. The hand looks like a button precise and flawless, without straining the wrist during direction changes it undergoes through the thin blade that allows you to easily work at speeds more than 20 wpm. Not least in the finishing details and light weight that does not affect the stability of the base during handling. What can I say, a great key!!! [IS0AFM].


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