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John - W9OK, source QRZ.COM, click to enlarge picture. John, W9OK, Silent Key. W9OK's home made Gold Cootie key, click to enlarge picture.

It is with great sadness that we announce that:
Our good friend John J. Myers, W9OK, has become a Silent Key.
John J. Myers, W9OK, passed away on Tuesday, August 29, 2017.
John will be greatly missed.
Our deepest sympathy to John J. Myers' family and friends.

Home made Gold cootie key.

W9OK's Gold cootie key, click to enlarge picture. The last of several configurations on the way to a swiper with a good feel... Gold-plated, 1x3x4-in. brass base, gold contacts. To retain stiffness yet allow suitable flexibility, the armature is of triple-thickness thin brass stock, except for about an inch of single thickness at its mounting post. Knob is of rosewood... A sweet to use! [W9OK].
Gold Cootie Key: construction details and parts, a letter de W9OK to N1EA.

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